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Gresham Youth Football

Gresham Youth Cheer

Open to all youths grade 3rd-8th in the Gresham SD, we are also open to school districts that do not have a Youth Cheer program.



There is Spirit Gear and Pink Gear that will be offered - order sheets will be emailed after the fitting and first round of orders will be due in August. Jackets for the athletes will be available to order to wear during games - otherwise they have to wear a blue or clear jacket*


All coaches are certified at a high school coaching level, have CPR/First Aid training, they have gone through all mandatory certification and background checks (including GBSD). 

Ashley Spencer (Program Director/Head Coach) - Built the program in 2016 when she moved to Gresham and wanted to bring youth cheer to the district for youths who had a passion for cheer. Ashley has continued to go through education and training to ensure that the program can continue to move forward and grow.

Laney Johnston (Coach) - She’s been doing cheer for 6 years: 4 years on the Gresham Cheer Team, but she had been attending Gresham Cheer Camps ever since she was 7. She is a Gresham High graduate and and Gresham Cheer Alumni. When she is not at GYC you can find her serving up some coffee at Dutch Bros or furthering her education in Graphic Design at MHCC. She is a true believer that Cheer is a sport that offers something to everybody and has many valuable things to take with you farther into life.

Kylee Hamilton (Coach) - She is a Gresham High graduate and has been cheering for over 7 years and is a GHS Cheer alumni. When she’s not coaching cheer she works as a certified medical assistant in an allergy clinic. 

Kota Foreman (Coach) - She is a Gresham High Graduate and has been involved with Cheer for 6 years and Dance since she could walk. She is a Gresham Rhythmette Alumni and Gresham Cheer Alumni. Outside of Cheer her passions are hair and makeup. 


Coach Trainee - Lauren J 

Jr Coaches - Alli, Sophia, Mikayla, Kathryn, Lauren and Jaedyn

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be mandatory parent meetings during registration and when season begins. 

What does the registration fee cover?

The sideline registration fee is built to cover the​ registration/league fees, insurance, location fee, team bow, coach safety/education training and any additional costs the program may incur throughout the season.

The sideline/competition registration fee is built to cover all of the above plus competition bow, warm up jacket, music, choreography and any additional costs the program may incur throughout the season.

Is the uniform included in these fees? 

No, the uniform is a separate cost (we will only have one uniform) and will be paid to Varsity Cheer through their payment portal (a link will be provided after the fitting in June).

The uniform will be custom fit to each cheerleader and roughly takes about 6-8 weeks to make. We will have a fitting on June 26, 2019 at Gresham High School and the uniform will need to be paid in full no later than July 2nd, 2019 ​to ensure the uniform is received by the first game.

Where will practice be held and what days and times? When is tumbling and how long?

Practices will be held at Gresham High School - Mondays for sideline and Fridays for competition  - due to construction we will do the best to stick to our scheduled times and dates.

We do have CLOSED practices to ensure the attentiveness of each athlete is on their coaches and for safety when performing kicks, jumps and stunts. If this is an issue please reach out to the Program Director.

Tumbling will be held at Thunder Elite on Wednesdays with 2 sessions: 5-6pm and 6-7pm, athletes will be assigned to their time slot after registration - 12900 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015, please check email and 2019 Season FB page (will be made after registration) for start date and closures. 

What does the Youth Cheer program do?

Gresham Youth Cheer was made for youths to cheer sideline at GYFA football games during the football season from September through Oct/Nov.  To help build a stronger program our sideline team will proceed with doing halftime routines at GYB basketball games periodically during the basketball season.

Our competition team is new to the program and we are looking forward to showcasing these young athletes at 2-3 competitions (usually held January-February). This is not mandatory and is optional to join.

There will be 2 different registrations one for Sideline ONLY and one for Sideline and Competition (incoming 5th through 8th grade).

Is there a Cheer Handbook?

The Cheer Handbook is a general outline of fees, conduct,  attendance and more, the signed page will be due back to the Program Director no later than the first practice.

This is a revised version of what the high school cheerleaders sign. It is a general contract to show commitment to the program but we understand this is recreational cheer and we will do everything we can to ensure an athlete can be at games and practices. This is a fun program to help build skills, introduce sideline cheer, cheer on the football teams, make friends, show spirit and prepare for high school cheer or other sport.

Gresham Teddy Bear Parade 2018



Friday November 15, 2019 

Time TBD


Please follow our instagram page: gresham_youth_cheer to see which squads are at what GYFA games. 



Ashley Spencer

Ashley Spencer

Program Director/Head Coach

Phone: 503-516-0094

Laney Johnston

Laney Johnston

Assistant Coach/Media Coordinator

Kylee Hamilton

Kylee Hamilton

Assistant Coach

Kota Foreman

Kota Foreman

Assistant Coach

GYC 2017 Season


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